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Comedian Erin Conroy

Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm back on Twitter! I guess, technically, I never left. I just also never posted or followed or really understood the mathematics behind it.

But now I'm committed to tweeting! Far too many opportunities to be embroiled in a congressional sex scandal have passed me by because I wasn't tweeting. No more! You hear me, Leonard Boswell? *over-exaggerated wink*

So follow me if Twitter is something you're into! My handle (Handle? Is that even right?) is @ComicErinConroy. I promise to post nothing of any importance. That is a PROMISE.

So been pretty busy since my last post - trying to get more stage time and writing more. Love letters to Congressman Boswell count, right? I was also in Vegas a couple of weeks ago for a friend's bachelor party. That's right - my trailblazing ass was the only girl invited to a bachelor party in Vegas. I'm pretty much exactly like Susan B. Anthony, what with all the progress I'm making for women's rights. The bachelor party was really laid back - just a lot of gambling and drinking and hanging out at the pool. The most incendiary moment of the weekend might have come when I found the lions in the giant enclosure at the MGM Grand and gave them the finger. I'm living a life with no regrets!!!


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