Comedian Erin Conroy: Hooray! We Did It!!!

Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hooray! We Did It!!!

Blogger tells me this is my 300th post! 300!!! You can't see it right now, but balloons are dropping from the ceiling in my apartment, and I was just handed a gift certificate to Radio Shack.

I'm leaving for New Zealand in 2 weeks. What? That's crazy. My friend Katy has promised me many delightful adventures and a serious attempt to get a walk-on role in "The Hobbit". I've also decided I'm going to try every ridiculous "extreme" activity I can - cliff diving, white-water rafting...probably something involving those giant hamster balls they used to have on "American Gladiators". I plan on getting grievously injured on this vacation.

I'm so excited for this trip, but I am absolutely dreading the 30 hour flight in Coach class to get there. Normally on a long flight to another country I would just get stupid drunk and pass out, like any proper world traveler. But considering that I'll be flying for over a day, I'm a little worried about waking up hungover and still having 11 hours left on the plane, and not having access to the early 90s sitcoms and Cocoa Krispies I usually rely on to make me feel alive again. I may have to - gasp! - stay sober on this one. Does anyone have any crossword puzzle books I can borrow? You have a word search book? You might as well have nothing. Get that mess out of here.

This Wednesday I am premiering my new monthly comedy showcase at Bar on A on the lower East side. My show is called "Motherboy", and if you don't get the reference then we need to talk. I've been clogging my Facebook feed with reminders about the show for the past week now, and am very much looking forward to the day after the show so I can get back to posting my clever and insightful status updates about pudding and cartoons. But until then - This Wednesday at 8pm! Motherboy: A Fantastic New Monthly Comedy Show!! It's gonna be the best!! Exclamation points!!!!


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Beth said...

And it only took 10 years. Way to go!!

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Jordan Knol said...

All three of the links on the right are broken. All three. That makes me think Poon, Chris and Ryan all died in a bus crash or something.

Even MORE likely is they're not trying very hard.


Not you though! You are 300 posts of pure SCANDAL.


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