Comedian Erin Conroy: New Orleans

Comedian Erin Conroy

Friday, October 08, 2010

New Orleans

So I went to New Orleans last weekend. I'm only just now drying out. What a shit show. A bunch of us went down for a surprise party weekend for my friend Mike's 30th birthday. It was a really sweet trip organized by his girlfriend and well-attended by all the friends that love him.

And then we got OBLITERATED. New Orleans, you're so cool! Let's be friends forever! Except I can't see you again for a while because you took all the money out of my wallet and a good 30% of my liver's function. But KIT online, k?

I saw Kermit Ruffins perform! He's on "Treme"! I reminded him that he's on "Treme" by loudly yelling it in his general direction while he was performing. You're welcome, Kermit.

I also got to be a part of the following exchange the morning after a particularly fuzzy night:

Jeremy: Ask Erin, she knows.

Lauren: Hey, was I throwing money at ducks last night?

Erin: (blank stare)

Jeremy: Tell her, Erin.

Lauren: See, I woke up with all this change this morning, and I didn't know where it came from. Then Jeremy told me that we passed a bunch of ducks last night and I wanted to throw bread at them. But I didn't have any bread! But I DID have money, so I decided to give them money, but I only had bills. So I asked a homeless guy to make change so I could feed the ducks, but he only had small change - like pennies and nickels - so I got a LOT of change. And then I was throwing the change at the ducks, but I still have a lot left over. Does that sound right?

Erin: (slowly walks backward into open elevator, presses 'door close' button)

I don't know what struck me as more unsettling - the fact that she was genuinely wondering whether she threw money at ducks the night before, or the fact that I couldn't have told her yes or no even if I wanted to. I had no idea. I had just been told by someone else that I was predicting what numbers would hit at the craps table at the casino for a few hours around 5am. To that I responded, "What? What casino?"


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