Comedian Erin Conroy: 2011, Y'all.

Comedian Erin Conroy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011, Y'all.

Is it too late to make resolutions for 2011? Seeing as how we're 16 days in already? Oh, good. Then I'll just keep eating Cap'n Crunch in my pajamas while watching "Criminal Minds" reruns. Because why fix what isn't broken?

I got an iPod for Christmas. Yes, my first iPod ever. (Shutup) I love it - it's amazing and so convenient, and makes me feel significantly less lame when I pull it out of my coat pocket on the bus. Judge me NOW, old lady who gets on at Queens Plaza! You still think you're better than me? Now we both have iPods, but only one of us has two working kidneys. BAM!

It's an iPod Touch, or Nano, or some mess. Which is to say it's freaking TINY. I'm constantly terrified that I'm going to swallow it by accident. I was at the gym the other day (WHAT?!?! Resolutions), and when I almost fell off the elliptical while trying to wipe my face with a towel and keep moving my legs at the same time (hard) I lost my balance and fell forward (because of grace). I must have knocked my iPod off the machine while I was flailing about trying to regain my balance (and humming loudly, so that it looked NATURAL), because 20 minutes later when I was suspiciously eying the ab machine, I realized that the iPod was hanging down around my knees. For 20 minutes I was walking around the gym with an iPod tail, looking way too proud of myself for someone with a face as red as a tomato and wearing a shirt with a grammatical pun on it. I'm starting to think that guy by the free weights wasn't hitting on me, but was spotting me at the drinking fountain.

What was the point of this blog entry? 2011!!! Let's get after it!!!


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