Comedian Erin Conroy: I Want My Pork Pulled

Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Want My Pork Pulled

Ahh, yes. Inarguably the most charming thing that's ever been said to me during my tenure as a waitress. An elderly, toothless NASCAR fan in my section a few months back was ordering the pulled pork sandwich, and instead pulled an old switcheroo on me and said, "I Want My Pork Pulled" with a wink and rattle from deep within his chest cavity. Oh my-but he was a saucy one.

Not sure what made me think of that-so on to other things:

Tonight I'll be at RFD in Chinatown for a benefit show to raise money for Hurricane Katrina Relief. 15 comics, 7 minutes each-woooo! And it's for a good cause. What are you, an asshole? Just come to the show. Show starts at 7:30pm, and the bar is located at 810 7th Street NW.

I will be featuring at the Improv next week. In honor of this, the Improv's most greivous error, Chris White will be featuring an interview with me on in the next few days. Read it to the kids at bedtime, and guarantee a restless night's sleep for all!

Kumite updates will also be coming on in the next few days. The first battle-bracket has already been decided!! Ryan Conner will go head-to-head with best friend and fellow boy band member Rory Scovel-undoubtedly rendering a once beautiful friendship to nothing more than mere acquaintanceship!!!

Is acquaintanceship a word?

Be on the lookout for the rest of the brackets as they are decided.

Doesn't Canada come out with some of the best musicians of our generation?? Of course not. But tonight I am going to see Our Lady Peace at the 930 Club, one band that America's Hat seemed to get right. Who else is there? The Tragically Hip.....and......well, I guess that's it. But man, Canada sure does have some great beer.



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