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Comedian Erin Conroy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Program Your Tivos

Because on May 8th I'm going to be on the Women's Entertainment (We) network for about 3 minutes!!!

A little while ago, I filmed some spots for the We show "Cinematherapy". It's kind of like TBS' "Movie and a Makeover"; only without the makeover and with the addition of inflatable furniture. The network shows a movie, and then there are little vignettes or whatever before and after commercials during which the host interviews women (only women - it's a chick network, like Lifetime's heavyset cousin) about their lives, asking questions relating to the movie.

So that's what it is! I don't even know what time on May 8th it'll be on - I'll let you know when I do. But if you'd like to see me answer questions relating to the movie "Picture Perfect", and you know who you are, this show's for you!

So I was back in DC this weekend for my friend Melissa's birthday party. Soooo good to be back home, as usual, and I'm happy I got to see as many people as I did. Those of you that I didn't get to see, rest assured that I will clamber back onto the Chinatown bus in the not-too-distant future and force my friendship upon you once again.

Anyhoo - we were at Rocket Bar on Saturday night for the party, and it was packed. However there was one dude you could see over everyone else at all times because he was crazy tall. At one point I was standing next to him at the bar, so I asked him how tall he was. 6'10''. That's pretty tall. However, it wasn't the most interesting thing he had to say.

He also told me he was a robot from the future. He's come back to save the world, he's a skilled assassin, blah blah blah. I was unfazed by his confession, and asked him if he knew Sarah Conner. He said he had no idea who that was. Some future robot! Not knowing who the mother of mankind's salvation is!

And I bet he can't even clean the house at top speeds like some other authentic robots who shall remain nameless (but whose picture you'll find below).


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