Comedian Erin Conroy: The District

Comedian Erin Conroy

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The District

Wasn't there a show called "The District" for a while? Didn't it star Craig T. Nelson, formerly of "Coach" fame? Didn't the show focus on Washington DC's crazy high murder rate? Awesome.

Speaking of murder and DC, I'll be back for a visit this weekend!! Wooo!!! Let's get toasted!

My ravenous and demanding fans (read: Beth) have been quite disappointed with my recent lack of updates. I'm sorry. But tax season always takes a toll on me, as it requires lengthy hours spent crouched in the bushes outside of H&R Block locations waiting for clients to come out so I can get in their face and promise more deductions and bigger refunds when they use my accounting firm, "EC's E-Z Taxes". Clever, no? Every year it's the same thing - I convince around 6 different people to give my tax team a shot, and then I escort them to my "office" (the third booth on the left in the bar area at Chili's) to discuss their financials. But I always seem to lose them before the Boneless Buffalo Wings arrive. They'll ask how long I've been an accountant, I'll ask them to kindly mind their own business; they ask for some recommendations from past clients, I tell them I "recommend they shut their mouth and give me their social security number"; and eventually they realize that my pocket protector is full of delicious peppermint candies instead of pens, and insist on taking their business elsewhere. Yep. I've been busy.

The other day I saw a cab careening down Lexington Avenue with an older guy in a jumpsuit laying face down on the hood and holding on for dear life. When the cab finally stopped, the guy climbed off the hood and punched the driver in the face. Fun for the whole family.

Did I tell you the BIG news? Crowded House is coming back to the US!!!! Like, THIS MONTH!!!! I've already got my tickets for 2 out of their 3 NYC shows. I'm not making it a three-peat only because I'm flying out on the third night. But it's general admission - so if anyone else in the NY area wants to go you can still get tickets and we can rock out together and I'll buy you a soda and maybe we can share a cab home afterwards and I'll even have the cab drop you off first and I won't expect anything to happen because we're just friends and I totally respect our friendship too much to try and jeopardize it unless you wanna just fool around for the hell of OK.

I was kidding anyway.


At 10:56 PM, Blogger Funny Danny said...

The answer to your question is yes. There was a show called 'The District'. They actually had a few seasons. It featured a young Sean Patrick Thomas before he went onto incredible fame in 'Save the Last Dance' and the 'You're the man now dog! Sean Connery movie'.
I also recall a local news story about the show where they profiled Robert Duvall's cousin who was from the DC area and was on the show.

Once DC passed the handgun ban and shipped all the criminals to PG county, the crime rate dropped a ton. Lots of people say that 'The District' was the drunken uncle by marriage of 'The Wire'.

I literally have not seen you in 2008.


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