Comedian Erin Conroy: My Neighborhood is Colorful

Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Neighborhood is Colorful

I was walking down the street in my neighborhood on Friday night, and I happened to overhear a snippet of conversation. Here it is, verbatim:

"Johnny, tell them about the 7 years you spent in jail and what your ass looked like afterwards."

Ha! Yikes.

So I'll have everyone know that the Crescent Rolls I took to the pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving on Saturday turned out just fine. So you can relax. And the Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic - we ate a lot and drank a lot and then played board games. Just like a traditional Thanksgiving sans the pesky family interaction. Win/win!

I am flying out to Florida tomorrow night to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom and four of her retired friends from her condo complex. I look forward to many conversations that start with the phrases, "Kids these days...", "I've never been so offended..." and "Did you watch 'Dancing with the Stars' the other night?". Because yeah - old folks love ballroom dancing. And stereotypes.

My Mom told me the other day not to say anything about the election, because a couple of her friends voted for McCain. I was a little taken aback - my manners are polished enough that I won't pick a fight with anyone at the Thanksgiving table over McCain and Palin. However - the second someone says something negative about William Howard Taft, all bets are off.

Anyone in the Washington DC area who wants a great night of entertainment and can't stomach a teen/vampire romance, come out to the DC Improv on Saturday December 13th and see Poonanza 6!!!! Sketch comedy, stand-up comedy and if we're lucky, Larry Poon will perform a song or two. There's a blurb about it here. And you can buy tickets at the DC Improv's site or by calling the club at (202) 296-7008. These shows always sell out, so I'm just warning you to buy sooner than the night of the show. Love you, bye!


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