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Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, December 01, 2008

Gumnut Cottage

Do you have HBO? If you do, then chances are good you have access to HBO OnDemand. Go on your HBO OnDemand and check out the new show "Summer Heights High". It's faaaaantastic!!

So I'm back in NYC. Though not for lack of effort from Mother Nature and the airline industry. Good God. I was supposed to land at JFK around 9:35pm last night. Instead, I landed at JFK around 1am last night/this morning. And then I got in a taxi line that made me throw up a little bit, it was so long. After about 45 minutes of standing in that line, I finally flagged down one of those shady guys in windbreakers who pace up and down the line telling you they'll take you somewhere right now in their un-marked sedan for an absurd price and a totally gratis sense of unease. That's how tired I was.

But it was worth it. It was a great trip, and my Mom was really happy to have one of her no-good kids with her to celebrate the holiday. And I learned a few things about myself as well:

1.) I can't hear someone say "A1A" without yelling "BEACH FRONT AVENUE" immediately after. This was troublesome, as A1A runs right past my Mom's condo complex, so people were constantly giving directions and telling stories that included that particular road. Oh Vanilla, your grip on my psyche is still as strong as steel.

2.) I have no patience for stories I've already heard once. I'm becoming extremely cantakerous with every passing year. It used to be that I could sit and listen to a rambling story about egg cartons that an aged person has already told 3 times in my presence, just for the sake of being polite. Not anymore. If someone starts in on a familiar anecdote, I have taken to immediately excusing myself and walking away while muttering under my breath. It's pretty rude, yes. But so is assuming that we enjoyed hearing about that time you almost got the speeding ticket from the officer only to realize it was a taxi in your rearview mirror all along hahahahahaha so much that you should tell it no less than seven times.

3.) I am a comedy snob. I have no patience for sh*tty or hackey jokes. And my Thanksgiving dinner was riddled with them, thanks to one guest who made it a point to crank out as many old, tired and just plain awful puns as he could. And every time he would say one, there would be scattered laughter, and maybe one person would clap and sigh, "Good one", and the offending guest would then look to me for affirmation of his craft. After a while I couldn't even fake a smile anymore. When he brought out the gem, "That CPR class wasn't worth what we was full of dummies!!!", I finally just dropped my eyes to my plate and whispered, "You're killing me."

Anyhoo-any DC peeps who are planning on coming to Poonanza 6 on Saturday December 13th at the DC Improv - there has been a change. Now we will probably only do one show at 8pm, instead of one at 8pm and one at 10:30pm. Which means this show will definitely sell out - so I recommend getting your tickets sooner rather than later if you want to go. If there is a significant deluge of people looking to see the show, we may just go ahead and schedule a second that night. But there are no guarantees. So go to the website or call the Improv directly for your tickets!! I think I put all the contact details in the last blog entry, so I'm not gonna re-post them here. Because I'm too busy (read = lazy).

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!


At 7:31 AM, Blogger choo choo knits said...

I guess I'm behind the times - but I had never heard the CPR joke before - and actually laughed (oops!)

Can't wait to (finally) see one of your shows - although I'm afraid that as long as the performers are clothed and I have a drink in my hand I might laugh at anything - better find me a seat near the back so I don't embarrass anyone!


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