Comedian Erin Conroy: It's Things Like This That Help Restore My Faith In Humanity

Comedian Erin Conroy

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Things Like This That Help Restore My Faith In Humanity

The fact that someone took the time to add this elaborate graffiti to an otherwise boring crumbling wall, makes me ever so happy. God Bless you, American Hero. Wherever you are.

Didn't I vow to blog a lot more often? Didn't I vow that fairly recently? Well, I hope you've all learned your lesson by now - I am not to be trusted. I'd just as soon steal your wallet as look at ya, and I'd probably buy really asinine things with your money. Like 5 different used copies of "Perfection". And then I'd put all the pieces in, and set the timers on all 5 "Perfections" at once, and then I'd laugh and laugh when the timer went off and all the pieces went everywhere. Then I'd have a sandwich.

I'm on a week-long vacation starting tomorrow morning. Thank. Jebus. I will try and blog while down there - but no promises. My Mom's computer is interminably slow, and she's completely at a loss as to why. "Maybe it's the Solitaire game. Maybe the Solitaire game is using up all the memory. I knew I should have stuck to regular playing cards."

I'll try and get myself into some kind of trouble while down in Florida so I have exciting stories to report upon my return. In the meantime - seriously. Watch "The Wire".

Love you bye.


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