Comedian Erin Conroy: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Comedian Erin Conroy

Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Because meh - I couldn't care less. Who's playing again? Is it the Washington Generals vs. the Hartford Whalers? God, how great would that game be? Super great.

So what have you guys been up to? I was in Boston last weekend for my friend Tim's 30th birthday party. (Ah, Boston. One day we will be together....) I got to see a whole mess of my friends from school, which is always fun. Except that every single one of my guy friends seems to be on the road to marriage, or married already. This makes me feel old. And super single. I was like, "Really? The guy who peed in the dresser is going to be engaged before me? I just don't understand life anymore..."

I'm also starting to realize that I may not be as hip as I've always thought. This was made painfully obvious at the bar that Tim's party was at, when every other song that came on made everyone around me squeal or cheer and then start to dance, leaving me to yell to the person next to me, "What is this? I mean WHO is this? Who sings this album? Is it Destiny's Child? Or TLC? Or SWV, aka Sisters with Voices?". When someone told me it was something called "Lady Gaga" I almost smacked their face for lying to mine. I suppose I should get on the Napster and download some songs. The Napster's still around, right?

Anyways - I've been trying to lay a little low since getting back to NYC. There seems to be a cold/flu bug going around that's affecting everyone in the Tri-State area, and I've been freebasing Dayquil and Zicam and various cough medicines for the past 5 days. So far so good - I haven't gotten so sick that I can't get out of bed in the morning. One side effect - I think my mixture of medicines is causing me to hallucinate. Either that, or there really is going to be another "Rambo" movie.

Did I tell you I finished "The Wire" in its entirety? The whole series - gone. Done. And it makes me sad all day. There is a whole in my heart that only an "Arrested Development" movie can fill. So stop being a dick, Michael Cera.

My friend Katy who is super good to me is going to help me put some of my comedy online for people to see and watch. And judge. Mostly for the judging. I'll keep you posted!


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