Comedian Erin Conroy: Important

Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, September 24, 2009


3 words: Lost. Boys. Three.:

“When veteran vampire hunter Edgar Frog [Corey Feldman] finds himself destitute and almost friendless, he thinks his life has hit bottom - but wealthy vampire-romance novelist Gwen Liebling offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and rescue her son Peter from the Alpha Vampire D.J. Dusk. With the help of his friends Zoe, Lars and Blake, Edgar heads into a bloody battle to exterminate evil.” [via Bloody-Disgusting]

Ahahahaha. Yessssss.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger choo choo knits said...

come on. a joke, right? although me knows you loves your corey's in the hiz-ouse!


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