Comedian Erin Conroy: "Is He Gay?" "Ummm...He's Not From AROUND Here..."

Comedian Erin Conroy

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Is He Gay?" "Ummm...He's Not From AROUND Here..."

And that is an actual conversation that took place between myself and a friend of mine. What kind of an answer to a rather straight-forward question is that?!?! I want to know if someone is gay. My friend wants to brief me on this person's demographics. Wow. I love my friends.

The interview I gave to the very suave and impeccably dressed Chris White is now up on DCStandup. You can check it out here. I think I came across as a humanitarian and a scholar.

So how was my weekend? Oh, I'll tell you. I went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday. You know, the place where nerds go to mate. I had about 14 beers and a turkey leg. All in all an extremely successful Sunday afternoon. I ran into the elusive Larry Poon at the Dragon's Lair, or the Dragon's Inn or the Dragon's SOMETHING pub. (There was free beer) Larry Poon was arguing with some wench about whether or not he gave her "the itchy plague". Well, I don't know what that was all about-but turkey legs are delicious.

Shout-out time!! I need to send a shout-out. Because this blog is the equivalent of TRL. Only with more R&B.

An Ode To Jeremy:
When you left for the mountains, we all shed a tear
Things seem a lot quieter, without you here
You're off in Law School, working real hard
To prove to all of us you're not a re-tard
But DC misses it's Golden Boy, and hopes you are well
Except for Spangle who said "Go To Hell"
I know you support me, and read this blog every day
So once again I'm sorry I told everyone you were gay.

Ah, yes. That's AP English shining through, people. But Jeremy is awesome, and we miss him, and he's probably the only one outside of the DC area who reads this drivel. I think he'll be home this weekend. SOLID.

And finally-tonight it begins!!! My week of shows at the DC Improv!! I'll be featuring for the VERY hilarious Bob Marley. He's white. He's from Maine. He was in "The Boondock Saints". Enough said.

There are still tickets left for every night! So come on out and see a great show!! You can purchase tickets online from DC Just go here. Or if you have an Improv t-shirt, you can come on down and get in for free tonight!

Anyone reading this in the Boston area today (you never know...) go out and vote for my friend Matt O'Malley for City Council in the preliminary election today. He's awesome.


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