Comedian Erin Conroy: "Are You Wearing Sandals? Take a Lap."

Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, January 15, 2007

"Are You Wearing Sandals? Take a Lap."

You should watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". It's hi-larious.

This weekend....oh, what a waste of a weekend. If I never see another E! True Hollywood Story, it'll be too soon. Lindsay Lohan-quit your crying. Skank.

I've been seeing a lot of commercials for the movie "Stomp the Yard" lately. Young man goes to school, joins the step team, kicks ass. Pretty formulaic, maybe-but I don't have a problem with the movie itself. I have a problem with the appearance of MTV VJ "Sway" in the movie. I know he's in it, because I've seen the same preview 19 times, and it always has Sway exclaiming, "I have never seen stepping like this before!!!!"

Shut up. Shut up.

I cannot stand it when MTV VJs are thrown into movies. Don't you have a Hilary Duff video to introduce? Who told you to pursue acting? I certainly don't care what kind of stepping you've ever seen, Sway. Or you, La La, or whatever your name is. I don't need you giving me commentary during "You Got Served". I'm just trying to watch everyone pop-and-lock. I don't know if these VJs are put into movies to remind us that MTV is constantly on the forefront of what is hip and what is not, but it bothers me. Just hang out at TRL, ask squealing 14 year olds how much they love Justin Timberlake, and remember your place.

Well, that rant had absolutely no effect on anything. Which is just the way I like my rants. Inconsequential and ultimately unnecessary.

Anyhoo-the Golden Globes are on tonight. If Sacha Baron Cohen doesn't win Best Actor for "Borat", I will throw my TV out the window. No-I need my TV. Instead, I'll knock a roll of paper towels on the floor. And the resulting clamor will reverberate all the way to Hollywood. Just see if it doesn't.


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