Comedian Erin Conroy: So What Are You Really Thinking?

Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, December 07, 2006

So What Are You Really Thinking?

Actual cat-call I heard this morning while on my way into work:

"Hey! Hey you! I like your body!"

Direct, unmistakable, to the point. This guy was all business. He needed to holler at the women passing by, make his opinions known, and then get on with his day. You have to respect that.

The front page of the NY Post today read "SURRENDER MONKEYS", referring to the Iraq Panel that has recently come to the conclusion that the US may not be winning the war in Iraq. The Post even went the extra mile and put the faces of Lee Hamilton and James Baker on monkey bodies. And two days ago, the front page screamed "TACO HELL!", with reference to the recent outbreak of E. coli at local Taco Bell franchises. Do you get it? The restaurant is called Taco Bell, but they said Taco Hell!!! It's almost too clever. You just can't put a price on sensationalism like that. I know my $0.25 is always gonna go to the paper with the best use of punctuation and Clip Art first thing in the morning.

Stay the course, NY Post. Stay the course.


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