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Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, November 27, 2006


And the Holiday season has officially begun! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great! I spent mine with two of my favorite people Kathriona and Ger, who were over visiting from Ireland. We ordered chicken wings and pizza, and got drunk watching old episodes of Da Ali G Show. Beautiful. I'm as traditional as I wanna be, baby.

The decision has been made: I'll be doing the show at the NY Improv on Wednesday December 13th. Show starts around 7pm-7:15pm. So tell your friends, because I want them to be my friends too. Don't be greedy-I let you borrow my Dirt Devil. It's basically the same thing.

I have a quote in this story from Sunday's Washington Post. Revel in the hilarity. Or die trying.

Big shout-out to my Mom, who recently got some infintely sh*tty news: Hey, if anyone can handle it, you can. You are easily the strongest woman I know. And besides; you'll always have your alcoholic, quick-tempered, Alaskan-salmon-poaching children to help get you through it. Love you Mom!!!!!


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