Comedian Erin Conroy: Maximum Power Sex

Comedian Erin Conroy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maximum Power Sex

My neighborhood in Brooklyn is predominantly Polish. There are Polish bookstores, Polish clothing shops, and about 67 butcher shops within a 10-block radius. Little Warsaw, she is my home.

But the best part about living in my neighborhood, are the little treasures you stumble upon unexpectedly. I was in a Polish-owned pharmacy the other day, and at the counter there was a little basket of plastic packets; they almost looked like the individual packages of Tylenol you can get. Anyway-upon closer inspection, I realized that this was actually a basket full of some sort of Polish ED drug, called "MAXIMUM POWER SEX". Oh man, the half-assed translation into English (phrases like "You have trouble pleasure for woman? No! You have MAXIMUM POWER SEX!!"), coupled with the crude erotic caricatures all over the wrapper, made for one of the funniest products I have ever seen. I picked one up and laughed until I started to cry, and the poor woman behind the counter explained to me, "No no! Is for men! No for you! Is for men!"

And I was just like, "It sure is..."

Possible show at the NY Improv on December 13th. I say possible because that's the same night as my work Christmas party. I just have to decide if I'm gonna do some comedy, or drink too much with my co-workers and end the night by challenging everyone within earshot to a wrestling match; in keeping with one of my family's many holiday traditions.

I'm leaning towards drunken office wrestling...


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