Comedian Erin Conroy: Election Fever - Kind Of Like Olympic Fever, Except No One Really Wins

Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Election Fever - Kind Of Like Olympic Fever, Except No One Really Wins

Alright - did everyone watch Palin's speech last night? Seems Sarah Palin has injected some much needed energy and excitement into McCain's bid for President. And I must say - after watching her speech last night, I don't hate her. I'm interested in learning more about what exactly she's done while in office - but my initial reaction was a positive one.

I had a much less positive reaction to the convention attendees in general. Every time the camera panned the crowd, all you saw were older white guys and older white ladies in their suits and pearls respectively. And the occasional younger woman wearing a cowboy hat with "McCain/Palin" painted all over her face. Come on Republicans! Fight the stereotype! Most people are of the opinion that the Republican party is populated solely by rich white folks and crazy middle Americans. It's not the truth - I know plenty of young Republicans that are black, or gay, or some other representation of the minority. Wouldn't you want to emphasize that group of people? Well you should. Because as I've mentioned before - not all Republicans are evil gun-toting pro-life maniacs. But you're really not helping your party's case when that's all you've bussed in for the Convention. Especially after the DNC, which was like a rock concert without the backstage antics. (As far as I know....)

Finally - I really want to destroy the Electoral College. I mean really. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to tout the merits and necessities of voting to people with the Electoral College looming in the back of my mind. I know a shocking and obscene number of people who are not registered to vote. And it's hard to try and guilt them into their civic duty when, in all actuality, the popular vote does not decide the election. Why is this still the case? How, in 2008, is the decision still left up to Congress and not the people? I may be sounding like a hippie right now - but really. Why shouldn't each individual American vote be counted? It's ludicrous.

Maybe I should start an online petition about it. Would you sign it? And for that matter - would you sign an additional petition insisting E! immediately cancel every single one of their "celebrity" reality shows? Because I might hate the Kardashians even more than I hate the Electoral College.


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