Comedian Erin Conroy: # 41

Comedian Erin Conroy

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

# 41

So this weekend I got the chance to re-live my blurry and SoCo-soaked college years.

My friend Doug invited me to the Dave Matthews Band concert in Hartford with him on Saturday. Doug is a huuuge Dave Matthews fan-I think this was his 18th time seeing them live. But I guess that's how it is with that band-you either hate them, own one of their CDs and recognize a few of their songs (me), or see them live every chance you get and think at least once a day about how you would take a bullet for Dave (Doug and easily about 42% of our generation).

It reminded me of college because Doug actually introduced me to Dave Matthews when we were in school; but also because you couldn't walk down a dorm hallway (at GW at least) without hearing "Crash" or "Say Goodbye" or "Ants Marching" blasting out of a minimum of 4 rooms. Dave Matthews is to most college kids what insulin is to morbidly obese people; they just end up needing it.

And most of his fans at the concert on Saturday were college-aged or younger. Man, I felt old. But maybe that's just because I wasn't peeing behind a dumpster, or draped over the hood of my boyfriend's Civic or eating a glowstick. Maybe I just forgot how to be cool. But after stepping over my 97th Natty Ice can in the parking lot on the way to the concert, I realized that maybe the fine art of tailgating had passed over a graduating class or two.

But the show was great, and Doug drives like a maniac. It's also been a GW-reminiscent couple of days because I've heard from three friends from college that I haven't talked to in months and years. I think it's all in preparation for Tim's going away party this Saturday. A lot of us are gonna be together in the same room for the first time in years, and I predict a lot of alcohol consumption and stories that start with, "I never told you, but...".

Go Colonials!!!

I watched the first season of "Weeds" this weekend. It's the Showtime original series about a suburban Mom who sells weed to pay the bills. It's fantastic. Watch it.


At 8:00 AM, Blogger Sara said...

First of all Hooche, you put up a blog counter and now your blog is surpassing me.

Second, I'm listening to "What's the Story Morning Glory?" And this CD ALWAYS takes me back to Freshman year. I MISS YOU!


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