Comedian Erin Conroy: I Am Completely Miserable, San Diego...

Comedian Erin Conroy

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Am Completely Miserable, San Diego...

Sweet Jesus. It's soo hot here. I was walking across the bridge to the Subway this morning at 8am, and it was already 92 degrees. Whaaaa? At 8am? I had no idea that midtown Manhattan was one of the 9 Levels of Hell.

Luckily, inside my place of employment it is air conditioning all the way. And I am currently drinking my coffee out of a mug that says "Travel Counselors Do It First Thing In The Morning". And it's making me feel dirty.

There is a Dude outside of my office building who sells the New York Sun in the morning. His sales pitch is simply repeating "The New York Sun The New York Sun The New York Sun" over and over again, in the most depressing monotone you've ever heard. One day, he was sick or on vacation or something, and there was a different guy out hocking papers. This guy was hilarious. His sales pitch was, "New York Sun! Buy it! I've got lots of 'em! Look at this logo here on the paper! That logo's gotta be like, 146 years old! This is an old, and respected paper! NEW YORK SUN! Shoot-there's all KINDS of information in here!!! Buy it!" It was a much more effective ad campaign. I still didn't buy the paper, because I don't care for the New York Sun, but I applaud his efforts.

DC peeps-I think I should be back in town the weekend of August 5th. Don't you wanna get drunk at Stetson's? Or the Ugly Mug? Yeah, I thought you did.

You're buying!


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Ok, I will buy you ONE beer. . just one! Then I will take you home and make you fried chicken again. . and you will LIKE IT!


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