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Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So a couple of friends and I went to a Haunted House in the Lower East Side on Sunday night. 24 terror-themed rooms, and then a maze you have to go through to get outside again. There were rooms full of bloody dolls, and shuffling mummies, and of course every other corner someone dressed in black jumped out at you.

But the scariest part of the Haunted House was how unprofessional everyone who worked there was. When we first walked in, there was a guy dressed like an evil clown following us around. Now, I have severe Bozophobia, so at first I was a little unnerved. However, it's hard to be scared of a guy dressed like a killer clown when he keeps talking to you about where he went to college and discussing various tattoos he has. And then when we were actually walking through the house itself, one of the actors got up in my friend Karen's face. Allegedly Karen pushed her, and then she lost her ever-lovin' mind. It's funny in an absurd kind of way to see someone dressed as a Victorian-era ghost-woman start screeching in a Bronx accent, waving her arms and snapping her fingers. Needless to say - it ruined the whole atmosphere.

On to more important news: The # 3 album on the Billboard Hip-Hop charts last week (today it dropped to # 7) is called "Baby Makin' Project".

I'll be at the Village Lantern next Thursday October 18th. And then November 29th I'll be at the Broadway Comedy Club. I should probably get some showtimes.


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