Comedian Erin Conroy: My Co-Worker Hates Corn

Comedian Erin Conroy

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Co-Worker Hates Corn

It's true. She went off on an unprecedented rant yesterday for about 5 minutes about how much she despises corn in all it's forms: on the cob, from a can, decorating festive Holiday cornucopias. I was simultaneously terrified and amused by the ferocity of her statements, and when she was finished I reminded her that she also hates celery.

She then punched me in the stomach.

So, more glorious show cancellations!! The Thursday December 8th show that was scheduled to take place in the Wooly Mammoth has been cancelled. Details why are rather sketchy, though I am quite certain that Mothra was involved somehow.

So that leaves the Nanny O'Brien's show this Tuesday, December 6th. This will most likely be my last show in the DC area before I move. It also happens to be the night of my work Christmas Party. Hosannah in the highest!! This means I will have to limit my alcohol intake at the party so as not to stumble all over my jokes at Nanny's. As soon as I'm off stage, however-smashed. Good times.

I think I will be getting my website up and running this weekend. (That's the plan anyway) So keep your eyes peeled for to take flight soon. For it will be a website of unparalleled beauty and witty rhetoric.

Today is my friend Sara's birthday. I've known Sara since I was 18 years old-she was my roommate freshman year of college. Those were crazy days-Sara had an unhealthy addiction to sleep ("I'll suck your dick for some sleep"), and I was obsessed with Jenny Jones. And why shouldn't I have been? Jenny was classier than all the other daytime trash talk shows. Because her show titles always rhymed. For example:

"You must be trippin', if you think you can be strippin'!!"

Genius. Those bitches were trippin'.

Happy Happy Birthday, Sara!!!


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