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Comedian Erin Conroy

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Listen up-Arrested Development is one of the funniest (if not the funniest) shows on television. And for some warped reason-people don't seem to care. But you HAVE to care!! I've heard dirty filthy rumors that the show may be cancelled again due to lack of an audience, even though the 14 of us who watch it absolutely adore it. Seriously-do yourself a favor, and catch one of the most original and most entertaining comedies left on TV. For Chrissakes-MTV will show the Laguna Beach episode you may miss 37 more times anyways.

My friend Meg brought a very interesting word to my attention this weekend: boyzilian.

Boyzilian: adj. & n. (boi*zil'i*an)
Definition: 1.) The act of removing all pubic hairs from the genital area of a man 2.) A testicular area sans the presence of pubic hair


I didn't know this was an actual word or phrase or practice or any of that. My friend Meg had apparently been with a guy who-like most women have been know to do-had waxed his "no-no area" completely bare.

And hey! I think this is a great thing for men to get into. Especially if they are getting ready to have sex with other men. Because it is gay.

I could have sworn I had something of consequence to discuss in my blog today......

But I guess I was wrong.


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