Comedian Erin Conroy: Happy New Year 1959!

Comedian Erin Conroy

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy New Year 1959!

I went out on Friday night with a few friends from college. These guys I haven't seen in years (not counting Townley's going-away last month), and I was delighted to find how easily we could slip back into the kind of friendship we had all throughout school. (Mostly because we all still harbor the same opinions about a lot of the people we knew back then)

Isn't it funny how you can do that with some people? Just slip immediately back into the familiar rapport you had with them years previous? And funnier still-remember the people you used to be BFF with-who now you couldn't be bothered to find out if they're still alive? For shits and giggles, try and dig up one of your old high school-or better yet middle school-yearbooks and read through all the notes from the kids you swore you would be friends with until the day you died. Hot damn! Are you even vaguely interested in how BraceFace is doing now? Or that one friend who was always talking to his Trapper Keeper? Or that girl who got knocked up and tried (rather unsuccessfully) to hide it until graduation? No, you're not. Because you are a heartless sonofabitch. But at least you're not the only one.

Anyways-fun show this Wednesday!!! The DCStandup All-Stars will be performing at American University!!! Here are the details:

The show is in the Tavern, which is located on the main floor of the Mary Graydon Center. The Mary Graydon Center is the building on the far end of the quad near the library. If you walk into MGC's center outside entrance, you will then turn right once on the first floor and head toward The Tavern. Admission is free! Show starts at 7:15pm!

That's right, free admission! What else were you gonna do this Wednesday? The new season of Lost doesn't start until October 4th.

I am taking the bus up Wednesday morning with fellow comic and drug mule Frank Hong. And then, after the show, we are taking the 2am bus back to NYC! I am now taking bets on what movies I will be subjected to on said bus rides.

"Cheaper by the Dozen 2", anyone?


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