Comedian Erin Conroy: Crate and Barrels o' Violence

Comedian Erin Conroy

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crate and Barrels o' Violence

Are you an avid reader of this blog? Been with me since the beginning? Or are you at least remotely aware of things I find interesting and/or entertaining?

Then you will remember my fascination with a movie called "Battle Royale" that I stumbled upon around Christmas 2004. Well, I didn't stumble upon it so much as my friend Benny insisted I watch it. Anyway - the movie is about Japanese kids exiled to a remote island where they are forced to fight to the death. I know, right? What's not entertaining about that?

So the other night I had a strange, "Battle Royale" themed dream. Same concept - a bunch of people taken to a specific locale and told to kill each other until there was only one person left standing. Except this time it wasn't a class of Japanese students, so much as it was a mixed bag of family, friends and various co-workers I've known throughout the years. The location was a small deserted New England town surrounded by deep forest on all sides. And it was the middle of winter. And there were big, run down department and specialty stores that you could try and break into in order to stay warm - I think I spent a good 45% of my dream running willy-nilly through some sort of Burlington Coat Factory or Linens and Things. And one detail of the dream that stands out more than others is that I had this nagging feeling that of everyone I had to face in this death-battle, my friend Victor was going to be the one to kill me. What's up with that, Victor?!?! I even asked you not to kill me in the dream, and you were like, "Meh....". Total dick move, man.

And no, I don't remember if I survived or not. I know I woke up at some point to get a glass of water, and when I fell back asleep, I dreamt I was on that old TV game show "Studs". Remember that show? If not, count yourself lucky.

My show tomorrow night at The Village Lantern (167 Bleecker Street) begins at 7pm. The show I'm doing on November 29th at the Broadway Comedy Club starts at 9:30pm. Why don't you come check out some free/cheap comedy? (Respectively)


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Sara said...

That's a really GOOD title. I'm jealous.


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