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Comedian Erin Conroy

Friday, April 24, 2009


My friend Ryan Conner and I have started playing a new super-fun game. It's called "Hipster, Asian or Asian Hipster".

Here's how you play (it helps if you're in NYC) - you see someone on the street or in the Subway who is dressed so hilariously/ridiculously/disgustingly absurd, that you are torn between wanting to laugh in their face or punch them repeatedly in the stomach for looking so retarded on purpose. Then, you text all the components of their outfit to whomever you're playing with. Then - they have to guess if that walking affront to all that is pure and true is A.) A hipster, B.) An Asian or C.) An Asian hipster. Oooooh! It's fun! For example, this morning I sent Ryan the following description:

"Green and yellow hair, horn-rimmed glasses, large plaid coat and galoshes over black jeans."

Hipster!!!! Oh, we DO have fun.


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