Comedian Erin Conroy: I Don't Get It

Comedian Erin Conroy

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Don't Get It

What is the obsession with MySpace?!?!

You go online, write the same tired crap about yourself that you put on every other personals/networking site, maybe post a few really great candid pictures of you and your friends, and voila! You are officially inducted into the single most happenin' online community out there right now.

(I say right now because I am simply anticipating the day that the "V" miniseries fansites finally receive the accolades they deserve and become so popular that every other online site is overtaken and we all start developing a taste for gerbils.........) (FYI-Right on to the 3 people that got that reference)

Now before you post a mean comment on my page, yes, I have a MySpace profile myself. But I joined a couple of years ago at the behest of a friend with a new DSL line and a lot of free time. I have never really updated my MySpace page or really given much thought to it at all. I never even go to MySpace unless I get an e-mail telling me someone else wants to be my friend, or has posted a comment about me, or has sent me a rather lewd and tasteless message.

But now I have a photo up, and am seriously considering going back to update my profile with my favorite movies, TV shows and hobbies. Why?

Because MySpace is taking over. It's in the papers, on the news, people brag about how many MySpace friends they have, and you're even scoffed at if your profile isn't up to snuff (see my profile). It's enough to make a girl wonder what's in the Kool-Aid over there at MySpace HQ.

Maybe I'm missing some amazing aspect of MySpace that everyone else is already enjoying. Maybe there's a key combination or password that's revealed to you only after acquiring 536 friends, and this key combination, when pressed correctly at exactly three minutes into a lunar eclipse; opens a new window on your computer that lets you see into the future. Or maybe it's just a really super way to meet people for no-strings-attached sexual encounters, or as I like to call them, "business connections".

Anyhoo-I guess what I'm really driving at is this: while the true magic of MySpace seems to have eluded me so far, I won't dismiss it's potential too quickly. I mean-who knows? My opinions could completely change, and I could soon be touting the merits of MySpace and preaching to others of its greatness.

Just like I did with cell phones and Sisters With Voices.

Have you found SWV yet?


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