Comedian Erin Conroy: The Universal Language

Comedian Erin Conroy

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Universal Language

Funny thing happened to me at work the other day:

Two of the girls that I share an office with are from Europe. One is from Denmark, and the other is from Bulgaria. They are both very cool ladies, around my age.

So yesterday as I was trudging through mind-numbing paperwork, I started to hum to myself to help pass the time. I don't know why the tune I picked was the theme song from "The Neverending Story", it just was.

After about 3 minutes of my almost certainly out of tune humming, Karen (from Denmark) turns to me and says, "Oh, do you own that movie? I haven't seen it since I was a little girl."

I just stared at her, confused. "You know "The Neverending Story"?!?!"

To which Krassimira (from Bulgaria) replied, "Well, we did have childhoods you know."

And all I could say was, "Yeah...but in Copenhagen? And Sofia?!?!"

Well, shut my mouth. That'll learn me.

It just goes to show you: Nothing can bring peoples of very different cultures and backgrounds together quite like a cheesy fantasy movie from the 1980s.

Because science fiction/fantasy films + 1980s Graphics + A bottle of Goldschlager = Who needs human contact anyway?!?!

Oh and this is for all the dorks. And this too. Just think of the possibilities...

Lord, I'll never date again.


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